On my Facebook I announced that I was going to give away FIVE books if 20 schools were nominated. I had 19 nominations! I am still going to put in FIVE books! List of nominated schools below! I am also doing another FIVE book giveaway on my Facebook page! Thanks to all the people who nominated there schools!

Names of nominated schools!

1.) gift lake school

2.) gift lake headstart

3.) nashwaaskis memorial school

4.) hillview school

5.) round hill school

6.) St. Ann school

7.) rossignol elementary school

8.) terry fox public school

9.) Chief Taylor elementary school

10.) biwaaseaa program

11.) Heinsburg school

12.) onchaminahos

13.) Lake Melville School

14.) Napier school

15.) Caslan school

16.) Kehewin school

17.) Elizabeth elementary

18.) Glen Avon

19.) t’lisalagi’lakw School

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