One of the contest winners lives close to. So

I hand delivered and signed her copy.

I am hand delivering two more in the next few days.

The books are in!

the books are in I am excited! Just soft covers for now. I have a few hard covers but less then 10. I love them.

I am going on Facebook live for my author page. I will try and link the video when it is done posting. ✌🏽

My books are on the way!

My first set of books are on the way!

So excited! They just left Toronto today! They are on the way to Edmonton where I have to pick them up for a meeting next week! Wish me luck!


I’ve been asked if I am willing to create some posters out of the original drawings of the books? I would definitely be up for it since the art is so beautiful. I do want to consult with my illustrator to make sure that it is okay first. If Grace says it is okay then I have three of four in mind to create posters! Stay tuned! ❤️

Kohkom trails


I have my books ordered and ready to go! I will be doing a segment called kohkom trails. Seeing where Grandma Grace is off too. Taking photos of the book in different places and see where we end up. We are now on an adventure! #kohkomtrails

Giveaway update!

I ordered my books! Reminder I am giving away 5 books to schools as well as 5 books away to people who are on my Facebook author page!

I will also be doing a Facebook live unboxing and doing the give away! I will be doing an update on how to enter the five book giveaway. ❤️ thanks for all the support!

Two spirit people

Tansi kahkiyaw

I have been getting requests for two spirit characters to be in my second book. I am all for it! I am now decided to bring in two spirit people to critique my drafts and see the development of the character(s). I always open to what people want to see and two spirit people in my next book is going to be a good thing. We need to show our love and support for the two spirit peoples in our communities. We need to show them that they are loved and supported.