Frequently asked questions:

People often ask why my book isn’t available in stores. One I am working on that if you have any suggestions I am always open to hearing it. Also I don’t have book insurance so that makes it harder for places to want to buy my book because then if it doesn’t sell then they are stuck at a loss. Business I understand.

Will there ever be a sequel to spirits of the northern lights? The answer is no there won’t be. We have seen a part of Cora’s life in 44 pages.

Is spirits of the northern lights based on my life? No it is not. I wrote it to talk about what many indigenous people face in community which is death. This book deals with the idea of death but the positive thought of seeing our loved ones at the end of our own lives.

Are you willing to go to schools to talk about your book? Of course but I am a fairly busy person so people often give me a weeks notice but I work a full time job as well as many other things so I need a bit of a notice.